We are excited to get to know each of you individually, especially as we spend more and more time together.  Here is a little more informal introduction about our school family.  We look forward to getting to know each of you more personally.



Ms. Jessica Tsu

Ms. Jessica Tsu

Jessica Tsu, UE Director








Carrie Donahue, Lead Guide

I grew up in a suburb near Detroit, where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from University of Michigan. After graduating, I decided to take a chance and move to Utah to find a teaching job. It was not easy, but I feel like Utah is now my home. For the past six years, I have taught upper elementary in two great charter schools however I felt like something was missing from the curriculum I was teaching. Looking back at my own education, I feel like my choice to seek out interests is what has made me a well-rounded person. One of the interests that I pursued as a child was music. I played the flute throughout school and later taught private lessons to fourth and fifth graders in my home. Because of this opportunity, I grew into person with a natural curiosity for learning and a motivation to do challenging things. As a teacher at AISU I hope to help students find something that interests them so that they become successful and confident about their education.

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my husband and son. As a family we do a lot of outside activities. Over the last two years we have set a goal to see all of the National Parks in Utah. We have been to Zion and Arches National Park and have explored Cottonwood Canyon.

Machelle Medcalf, Guide


Sandra Liddell, Lead Guide

I grew up in Salt Lake City.  I am married and have 3 children.  My favorite pastimes are sewing for numerous charitable organizations and traveling. I have been a Girl Scouts leader for 8 years. I take nightly walks going to play Pokemon Go with my children.  I have learned the hard way you need to pay attention to your surroundings-so you don’t end up with a broken ankle!   (But, no I did not break it while playing pokemon Go 😉  That was a joke.)

I graduated from the University of Utah. A couple years ago I was an assistant teacher when I discovered her passion for teaching. I am excited to be teaching as an Upper Elementary teacher at AISU.  As a teacher I strive to create an environment that encourages individual interests as an avenue to continued learning and success.  Learning is a journey,  and I am looking forward to the many adventures we will share this year.

Jennifer Moran, Guide


Tim Larrabee, Lead Guide

I grew up in Bountiful, Utah and walked to and from St. Olaf’s Elementary School in Bountiful through the 8th grade.  For high school I got up early every day and rode the UTA Bus into Salt Lake City to attend Judge Memorial High School.   After graduating high school I attended the University of Utah for a year before enlisting in the United States Coast Guard.

I served in the Coast Guard for twenty-three years and retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer in 2011.  While in the Coast Guard I was stationed in Port Angeles, Washington; Mobile, Alabama; Alameda, California; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Boston, Massachusetts; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Alameda, California (a 2nd time, its a nice place).  I also travelled to every state, with the exception of North Dakota, and to Canada, Mexico, and The Netherlands.  During my time in the Coast Guard I completed my Bachelors Degree from Excelsior College in New York with a major in Sociology and a minor in Management.

After retiring from the Coast Guard I returned to Utah and received a Masters of Arts in Teaching (Elementary Education) and a Masters of Education (Special Education) from Westminster College in Salt Lake City.  I began my teaching career in the Salt Lake City School District but left after one year to take the opportunity to be a part of the exciting new school we know as American International School of Utah.  I have loved being part of this trail blazing new school and all the promise it holds for each and everyone of our students.  I am part of an outstanding team in the Upper Elementary here at AISU and look forward to continuing this journey into the future of education along side each of them.


Mrs. Yoshimi Maples

Mrs. Yoshimi Maples

Yoshimi Maples, Guide

I am Japanese, am married and have two children. I like traveling, driving, and taking pictures. I like to go out into our beautiful nature. I love Japanese food of course. I enjoy sharing my culture. I have a master license to teach Japanese calligraphy to other people. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Dixie State University in St. George in 2011. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, UtahEducator License for Grades K-6, and an ESL Endorsement for grades K-12. Since 2011, I have worked as a third grade teacher and a Reading Specialist for K to second grade at a public charter school. I teach Japanese and Japanese math at the Utah Japanese Language School every weekend. At AISU, I teach the 3rd to 5th grade students and Japanese to high school students. I also support Japanese international students. I like and appreciate working at AISU because of the unique international environment.


Karen Mangome

Mrs. Karen Mangome

Karen Mangome, Lead Guide

I started my beautiful journey with my husband in March 2010, and we just had our first baby in August, 2014.

During my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, doing many outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing, as well as learning how to cook Italian food. I like to learn and try new things.

I got my degree in elementary education at Southern Utah University. This is my first year teaching here at AISU.
I enjoy working with my students and seeing them excel in their work. Before coming to our Upper Elementary I worked in our high school in the Special Education department and worked one on one with students, and 3 years as a teaching assistant.

Autumn Salvatore, Guide

Autumn Salvatore








Miss Autumn Salvatore

Cindy Myrup, Literacy Coach

My name is Cindy Myrup. I received my education at Brigham Young University and University of Utah.  We lived in  Wyoming for 24 years, where we raised our family of 5 children. There, I spent 7 years teaching and tutoring in the schools.  The majority of the time was spent in the elementary grades.  I have spent the last 14 years working in the Murray School District. My time has been spent with the Title 1 program, tutoring students in Math and Reading.  I am now  a Literacy Coach here and love the opportunity I have to work with the students at AISU.  My dream is that every elementary student at AISU will grow to love reading and to succeed at it!


Mrs. Carole Meier

Mrs. Carole Meier

Carole Meier, Literacy Coach

My name is Carole Meier. I am a literacy aide in the upper elementary. I have worked for 18 years in the elementary education program. I have my Humanities degree, and enjoy the arts, particularly literature, I love to read! I also compete in tennis leagues and tournaments and teach children to play and love tennis in the summer. I also run races, rollerblade and bike ride as well as hike. My favorite activities are those spent with my husband, four sons and three grandchildren, who are the loves of my life!