Student School Fees and Supplies are due by August 18, 2016.

AISU Middle & High School Fees

Required Fee:

Middle School (7-8)                                                                    $125

High School (9-12)                                                                      $195

Includes Instructional Materials/Technology Fee/Curriculum/Intensive Fee*

*Some Intensives will have additional fees

Optional Fees:

UTA Transportation (Aug 15 – June 15)                                 $133


High School Yearbook                                                                $45

Middle School Yearbook                                                            $25

Elementary School Yearbook                                                    $15

Summer Classes                                                                           $75 per class

Instrument rental fees                                                                Ask Performing Arts Director

HS & MS Sports (Basketball/Drill/Cheer/etc.)                    Ask coaches for specific info

HS & MS Club Fees                                                                     Ask club advisor


Financial Information:

  1. All required fees must be paid before classes begin (August 18, 2016). A check for all required fees must be made out for the exact amount plus any additional fees that are selected.
  2. Students owing money from previous years need to clear balance before registration.
  3. Any student or parent check that is returned to AISU from the bank will be assessed a $15.00 returned check fee.
  4. Please save your receipts for the school year.