BannerLargeOur academic program includes a wide variety of courses and small-group experiential learning. Students at Realms and AISU are not bound by traditional classroom walls—their studies integrate field work and travel as they engage in research and create real-world solutions.

AISU and Realms will function as a public/private hybrid school–much like Cornell University is both a private university and public land grant college. Realms has a strong track record in effectively preparing international students for success in American higher education institutions. Most international students participating in the AISU learning community will be enrolled through Realms, which has SEVIS status (the authorization to initiate student visas).

Realms builds connections between students, knowledge and learning. Our teachers instruct, inspire and empower each student to reach his or her full potential. Realms’ educators identify and nurture students’ unique talents and abilities and help each student succeed and excel. Beyond intellectual development, Realms instills high moral values, strong social and emotional skills and the motivation to make a difference.

Realms of Inquiry will provide a gifted and talented option for AISU students that features the integration of drama, project-based learning, and international travel study. Realms will also support AISU’s outdoor education program.

Founded in 1971, Realms of Inquiry, a cooperative learning community that offers an accredited curriculum for grades 6 through 12, is dedicated to providing a supportive learning environment for bright and intellectually creative students. Working closely with faculty, each student designs a program tailored to his or her particular interests and learning style.

Realms and AISU students learn to welcome challenges and take risks. They gain knowledge, skills, and confidence through experience in the classroom, the community, the outdoors, and international travel. AISU/Realms graduates become life-long learners, leaders, and innovators.