The Hobbit Shop will be opening soon… as we fill it!!  We will be ordering items for the shop, but would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE any donations for inventory, as the items will move quickly.

Apply to work at The Hobbit Shop!!

How do you Earn Hobbit Cents?

Oh, no! Our store is empty!  Help us fill the store!!

Oh, no! Our store is empty! Help us fill the store!!


To celebrate student success and teach financial responsibility and management of a store.  Students will earn different dollar amounts for work they complete in Dreambox, Lexia, Spelling City, Typing Club, class projects, kindness and behavior, Raz-kids, and all of their programs!  The items in our shop will have varying price tags, but will require some saving.  Next year, students will have taxes as well!  It should be a great learning experience!

Want to donate?  Here are some ideas generated from our own students, or you can make a donation.  Thanks for all you do to support and motivate our amazing students!

Student Generated List for items for the Hobbit Shop:


Scorpion suckers, cotton candy, gum, Whether’s originals, gummy worms, gummy bears, popcorn, Butterfingers, Hershey’s chocolate, root beer.

Art Supplies:

Big erasers, special erasers, pencils, mechanical pencils, notebooks, gel pens, glue, white out, puff paint, sharpies, poser boards, invisible ink pens, mini notebooks, printed duct tape, duct tape accessories, washi tape, binders.


Earrings, shark teeth necklaces, scorpion necklaces, rock necklaces, fabric bracelets, rainbow loom bracelets, mood rings, mood necklaces.


Rubiks cube minis, kid camera, Slime, Silly Putty, shiny rock magnets, bouncy balls, stuffed animals, Big bubble gum game, Pokemon cards, puzzle balls, play dough, kites, laser pointers, Legos, magic kit, Alien flying sphere, balloons, clown kit, punch balloons.

Miscellaneous items:

Holiday decorations, toothbrushes, Pass to be T.A., Lava lamps, key chains, Tickets to Lagoon, Heelies (shoes with wheels), mustaches, AISU hats, and shirts, nail stuff, hair ties, hair gel, combs, movies, Wonder Bars (Candy from Canada),  black lights, extra recess, extra computer time, extra reading time, free choice activity, shoes, watches, phone cases, purses, bags, small fish tanks, restaurant coupons, frozen yogurt, Job shadow, crazy hats, sports stuff, remote control stuff, pointers, wallets, game “Fate”, yarn, craft supplies, embroidery floss, pass for recess, sports cards, lunch with The Principle, or Mr. Farley, small white boards with expo markers, candy jar, caution tape, clip on ties, butter beer, bananas, small glass animals, elevator passes.


I phone, I pad, I pod, computers, Wii, X-Box 1, computer mice, Minecraft game $30, Minecraft accessories, video games, Nintendo 3DS games.


Hardy Boys Mysteries, Boxcar Children books, Tales of Narnia books etc…

Mystery Bags:  Bags with mystery items in them with a labeled price.

Thanks to West Monnett for making this dream a reality.  He salvaged this amazing display to create a little shop for our Hobbits. He added our school colors, beautiful glass shelves, and display lights–we are so grateful for this great contribution.  

Thank you, West!