AISU’s high school program features a personalized approach to learning, blending online tools with a variety of collaborative and project-based learning activities to best meet the needs of each individual student.

AP and Early College Options

AISU offers students a range of options in fulfilling high school graduation requirements, including a broad range of Honors and Advanced Placement courses. Highly motivated AISU students will also have the opportunity to work towards obtaining an associates degree in conjunction with their high school diploma–providing students two years of college credit.

An International Learning Community

Unique in Utah, students from Utah will learn and associate with students from across the globe in a personalized learning environment. AISU will seek to maintain an international student enrollment that is at least 20% of the overall high school population.


The school schedule is flexible to meet individual needs–both in terms of a flexible school day (high school students may arrive anytime between 7:45 and 9:45) and flexible course loads (if a student prefers to take two classes at a given time, instead of seven or eight, AISU will facilitate that). Students may also have flexibility with the school calendar using an optional summer flex term to allow for up to six weeks of  flexibility during the school year. This would allow students to take family vacations during the traditional school year or participate in competitive winter sports without affecting academic progress.

Personalized Learning

Instead of sitting in a classroom spending most of their time listening to a teacher lecture, students will likely find themselves immersed in a subject in a small group or lab setting, with teachers available to provide one-on-one instruction as needed.  Students will utilize online and computer-facilitated instructional programs to individualize their learning–helping focus efforts where they are needed and allowing students to move through material at their own pace–achieving mastery before moving on to new material. When students demonstrate competency in a subject, they receive full credit and move on to the next subject or course. Students often have the opportunity to complete and demonstrate learning through project-based and other hands-on activities.


AISU’s academic calendar includes four two-week intensives. These blocks provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in areas of interest or to focus on particular course requirements that are best accomplished in a concentrated time frame. Intensive activities will include: learning expeditions, quest projects, internships, independent study, travel and adventure-based study, and a variety of elective courses that students can complete for credit.

Celebrations of Learning

After each trimester, students will have opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned through performances, displays, and presentations, as well as through student-led conferences with their parents.

Foreign Languages

AISU will encourage and support student efforts to acquire second language proficiencies, with special emphasis on Mandarin and Spanish, as well as learning about the cultures and peoples that speak them. Students may find themselves helping a student from Beijing master English, while she helps them master Mandarin.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in athletics, drama, music, and other co-curricular and extra-curricular programs to round out their educational experience!

Other Schools With Similar Programs

A similar program for grades 6-12 has been successfully implemented by California’s Summit Public Schools:



  1. Headphones to use with laptop
  2. Writing notebook (any style for note-taking)
  3. Writing utensils
  4. Something to read of your choosing (book, magazine, newspaper, etc.)

High School Fees

Required Fee:

High School (9-12) – $195

Includes Instructional Materials/Technology Fee/Curriculum/Intensive Fee*

*Some Intensives will have additional fees

Optional Fees:

UTA Transportation (Aug 15 – June 15) – $127

Drivers Ed – $150

High School Yearbook – $40

Summer Classes – $75 per class

Instrument rental fees – Ask Performing Arts Director

HS Sports (Basketball/Drill/Cheer/etc.) -Ask coaches for specific info

HS Club Fees – ask club advisor