Middle School Requirements

  • 1.0 Credit CTE Intro – 7th Grade- 5th block
  • 0.5 credit Digital Literacy – 7th Grade


What that means at AISU:

Digital Literacy

  • All 7th grade students will take Digital Literacy
    • 1 trimester course
    • Amber Lee in the Computer Science Room

CTE Intro

  • Students CTE Intro grade is comprised of their personal leadership grade as well as specially curated projects completed in their core courses.

What about the STEM Program?

STEM@AISU is the shorthand way that we refer to the group of programs that support students’ exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  This grouping is comprised of elective courses, intensives and afterschool programs which focus on design thinking, robotics and computer science.

What are the DaVinvi Studio and Makerspace For?

These two spaces are designed to facilitate the project based learning for the school and are available to high school or middle school.  To schedule these spaces please send a calendar invitation to tyler.mork@aisutah.org (Makerspace) or dalton.peery@aisutah.org (DaVinci).

Elective Courses:

Course Title CTE Credit Brief Description Grade Level Teacher Notes:
MS CAD 0.25 Learn computer aided drafting MS 6-8 Burton
MS Intro to Robotics 0.25 Brief introduction to robotics MS 6-8 Burton Priority to 7-8th graders
MS Advanced Robotics 0.25 More in depth hands on projects in Robotics Must take Intro to Robotics first
MS 3D Printing 0.25 Introduction to 3D printing MS 6-8 Burton
MS Digital Literacy 0.25 Required course teaching digital applications and programming MS 6-8 Lee Required for 7th graders
MS Intro to Engineering 0.25 Introduction to engineering and design thinking MS 6-8 Youmans
MS Elements of Good Design 0.25 Advanced engineering MS 6-8 Youmans
MS Game Development 0.25 Learning to program games MS 6-8 Lee
MS Graphic Design 0.25 MS 6-8 Terrie
MS Digital Photo 0.25 Learn basic digital photography techniques MS 6-8 Terrie
MS Digital Media and Design 0.25 An introduction to artistic design concepts MS 6-8 Stephens