AISU offers all our Juniors and Seniors college preparation services including: college test preparation courses, test date selection, college selection, one-on-one college planning and admissions/application help.

The AISU College Preparation Course is an invaluable course that allows students to have time during the school day to prepare, practice, and train fAISU Class of 2015or college admissions. This course teaches college writing and test taking skills for the SAT, ACT and TOEFL test with an individualized study plan for each student. The course completion and planning can be access by each individual students’ parents/guardian/agents electronically.

AISU students will have one-on one college planning with our qualified staff members and expert advisors.  Most of AISU’s teachers and administrators have advanced degrees, many from Ivy-league schools. One of our key expert college advisor is Dr. Douglas C. Braithwaite who is the AISU Provost Emeritus and the former Director of Admissions at the Harvard Business School. Dr. Braithwaite will be our primary college advisor, providing workshops for students and meeting with students, by appointment.