These forms must be completed and approved prior to any event or fundraising activity.

You will be contacted soon after your form(s) has/have been submitted.

Fund Raising & Event

  • Class, team, club, or community organization.
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    To whom is this event/activity targeted? Check all that apply.
  • How much will this event/activity cost?
  • Use "0" if this is not a fund raising event.
  • If you are selling an item how much will each unit cost and what is the estimated profit. If this is not a fund raising event write NA.
  • Please be specific. Write "NA" if this is not a fund raising activity.
  • Please include AISU staff members by name and how much time each will spend on this event. Include number of student hours and if they will be required to miss any class time. A trained technician is required for all events in the Performing Arts Center. In addition to the actual time of the event add an additional two hours for set-up and take down.
  • Please be as specific as possible and include microphones, projectors, televisions, sound systems, etc. Write "NA" if nothing is needed.
    Please check each marketing vehicle you would like to use to promote your event/activity.
  • Add any additional information about your event/activity.

After submitting, please continue to next form if you’ll be using AISU facilities.

AISU - Atrium 1

Facility Rental

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    Lighting, sound, presentation systems and operators are included with Performing Arts Center, atrium, Tree House Theater and Little Theater rental. All rentals include custodial fees. Do you require other sound or lighting systems?
    A message about your event can be included on AISU's marquee facing I-15. More than 169,000 cars pass the school daily. For an additional fee a message can be displayed supporting your event.