Teachers are happy to help and want to keep you informed, please reach out if you have questions or concerns. Please see class website links below:


Carrie Donahue, carrie.donahue@aisutah.org and Machelle Medcalf, machelle.medcalf@aisutah.org

Website: http://mrsdonahueaisu.weebly.com


Sandra Liddell, sandra.liddell@aisutah.org and Jennifer Moran, jennifer.moran@aisutah.org



Tim Larrabee, tim.larrabee@aisutah.org and Yoshimi Maples, yoshimi.maples@aisutah.org



Karen Mangome, karen.mangome@aisutah.org and Autumn Salvatore, autumn.salvatore@aisutah.org

Website: http://kmangomeaisu.weebly.com


Jessica Tsu, jessica.tsu@aisutah.org

Website: http://tsusbookclubs.blogspot.com/


Thank you and we are happy to be working with you!