2015 CheerAISU offers several competitive sports for middle and high school during the 2016 – 2017 school year including; baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, track and field, cross country, cheer, song and golf.

Participating students must fill out the attached forms and return them to their coach or athletic director Mike Stumph mike.stumph@AISUtah.org before practicing or competing.



For more information about AISU Sport Schedules please click on the links below:
High school
Middle school



REQUIRED OF ALL PARTICIPANTS: Consent and Liability Disclosure (Signed by student athlete and parents)

REQUIRED OF ALL PARTICIPANTS: “Form A” Medical Evaluation (Signed by student athlete, parents and physician)

REQUIRED OF ALL PARTICIPANTS: Driver’s Form (Signed by parent)

REQUIRED OF ALL PARTICIPANTS IN 2016 – 2017 “Form B” (For 2016 – 2017 participants with “Form A” on file at AISU.)