AISU has a unique free online education program which allows students to complete some or all of their courses at home.

Now accepting applications for both 2016 – 2017 and 2017 – 2018 academic years!



AISU@HOME is a FREE K-8th program for families looking to expand their home education opportunities. AISU also has a virtual program for high school students that supports them on-line or at learning centers in Murray and Ogden.

AISU@HOME allows students to participate in a variety of programs to enrich their home education. Working closely with parents and students, AISU@HOME personnel can help tailor personalized learning plans to supplement home and online curriculum.

AISU offers families the benefits of a public Charter school without interference. Students and parents choose their own curriculum and how and when they want to participate in on-campus programs while they are being supported academically and financially for their online and home-based programs.


Students who enroll in AISU@HOME are enrolled in AISU, just like on-campus students. AISU@HOME supports grades K-8th grade with different program features.

Kindergarten-3rd grade AISU@HOME students participate in a Montessori based program at home, with free Montessori materials and training. Parents (and sometimes students) participate in regular Montessori@HOME Workshops aimed at supporting those who are new to Montessori teaching. AISU provides Montessori materials which are loaned to families and rotated throughout the year. As students master skills, they return the materials and exchange them for new ones to work on more advanced skills.

Students also have access to online programs such as Compass Learning and Imagine Learning. These programs help develop language fluency and proficiency. Students work at their own pace through developmental milestones. Parents can bring students to participate in on-campus Speaker Events and Field Trips.

4th-5th grade AISU@HOME students have free access to online programs such as Compass Learning and Imagine Learning to help develop and practice math and language skills. Students take an initial placement test, then begin work at the appropriate individual level. As students gain competency, the programs adaptively increase the level of the lessons. Students can work at grade level in GO MATH workbooks or parents may use their own math resources. AISU@HOME students also have access to free online typing and foreign language classes.

Students have the option of participating two or three times a week in on-campus programs. Students experience rotating Enrichment classes such as Choir, Ukulele, Rhythm Band, Art and Chinese. Students can join on-campus groups for Special Events and Field Trips. Parents select their own curriculum for all core subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Writing) and AISU provides the materials for that curriculum.

6th-8th grade AISU@HOME students have the same broad range of elective options that all AISU students enjoy. AISU@HOME middle school students can participate on-campus in Mathematics and enroll in one on-campus elective course per trimester in Technology, Engineering, Performing Arts or PE. Parents select their own curriculum for all core subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts) and AISU provides the materials for that curriculum.

Middle School @HOME students are strongly encouraged to come on campus for the two-week long “Intensives” offered after each trimester. These are fun hands-on learning opportunities for earning additional credits. See for sample Intensives.


The AISU Learning Library is a repository of resources to support AISU@HOME students. Parents of 4th-8th grade AISU@HOME students are responsible for providing curriculum for core subjects (Math, Science, History, Language Arts and Writing) to cover state mandated learning standards (see If parents do not already have the necessary curriculum materials, they may borrow curriculum from the AISU@HOME Learning Library. If course materials are not immediately available, AISU will procure those resources and make them available (with some restrictions). Curriculum materials ordered by AISU are owned by AISU and will be loaned to parents.


What is the deadline for enrollment?

AISU@Home has an open enrollment policy as long as seats are available.

Is there an enrollment cap?

Yes. There are a limited number of openings for K-3rd graders on a first-come first-serve basis and there is an overall enrollment cap for 4th-12th grades.

How can we register?

Students enroll online at and, once their spot is confirmed, parents will receive an email regarding the Registration process, which is the same as for on-campus students. (Registration requires Birth Certificate, Immunization Records, any applicable fees, etc.)

When can we start?

AISU@Home students enrolling now will be part of the 2016-2017 calendar school year that begins August 2016. The full year calendar is available at

When can my AISU@HOME student sign up for on-campus electives/ enrichment classes?

Middle school @HOME students will sign up for on campus electives during registration. After students are enrolled, they will receive information regarding class sign ups and registration. Upper Elementary 4th and 5th grade students will sign up for enrichments in the fall at the beginning of the school year. Parents will receive an email with signups for on campus elementary enrichment classes in late August or early September.

When can my AISU@HOME student sign up for Intensives?

The Intensives class offerings for 2016-2017 will be posted one month before trimesters end and Intensives begin. Students will receive an email for signups a few weeks before Intensives begin. Fees may apply to some Intensives.

How can students get to AISU for on-campus classes?

For students old enough to take FrontRunner or Trax, the Murray Central station is within a mile of AISU’s campus. AISU provides free shuttle service during peak hours (at the beginning and end of the school day). Students may purchase a yearlong pass from AISU for approx. $135; this pass covers the entire cost of riding all UTA services during the school year. In addition, there is a regular UTA bus route between the Murray Central station and AISU.

Can AISU@HOME Middle School students participate in sports and clubs?

Yes. They can participate in any clubs and sports offered to middle school students at AISU. These have included cross country, volleyball, basketball, soccer and cheer. If AISU does not offer a varsity sport (e.g. football), students are eligible to participate in that sport with the school district to which they are geographically assigned.

Is attendance required and reported?

Yes. All AISU students, including AISU@HOME students, are required to follow state attendance laws. AISU@HOME students are expected, and required, to be actively engaged in learning activities on all school days according to the AISU school calendar. AISU@HOME students are required to report absences and sick days to the school when a student is not engaged in learning on these days.

How does grading work?

All AISU students receive grades three times a year. AISU@Home students develop portfolios of work throughout the year to show their progress. The content of these portfolios is based on competencies (based on grade level standards) that parents and students will receive at the beginning of the school year. All AISU students need to demonstrate competency in each subject, meaning at least B-level work. There are no C’s, D’s or F’s at AISU.

Does AISU provide testing to determine current academic levels?

AISU provides a nationally recognized adaptive assessment to help parents and teachers determine the right learning plan for every student. The assessments cover reading, language usage and math. These assessments take about 30 minutes to complete and are conducted three times a year: at the beginning of the school year, in January and again in May. AISU@Home families are encouraged to take advantage of this assessment process.

Can AISU@HOME students work at their own pace?  Is there a deadline for completing coursework?

AISU is a work-at-your-own-pace school. That includes the AISU@HOME program. This means that students work at their own pace until they demonstrate competency and then they move on. There is no deadline to finish a course by the end of any term.

Does the curriculum have to align with the core standards for the student’s grade level?

Parents of AISU@HOME students are responsible for selecting the curriculum they will use for teaching core subjects. State standards are guidelines for curriculum selection but do not require any particular method of instruction. AISU has developed a list of competencies for each grade level and parents should focus on those competencies rather than state standards.

Is state testing required?

Utah state law describes testing requirements for all public school students. However, parents have the option of signing a waiver to opt out of state testing.

How do I get more information?

Contact Vickie Carter at 801-989-7191 ext. 503 or



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